Our purpose is discarding redundant wooden pallets causes environmental damage and increases cost of product and transport.

  • Economical price
  • High Transport Capacity
  • Light and Easy-Portable
  • Eco-friendly, Recyclable
  • Reduces the costs of transport and storing
  • Indepent of ISPM Standard



The wooden pallet users choose low cost corrugated paper pallets with the aim of retrenching. Carrying capacity of paper pallets is same with wooden pallets. New import regulations and taxes of wooden pallets, by virtue of high repair prices, popularise corrugated paper among transporters and loaders. GPS pallet, one of the leaders in the world

Repairing the pallet shortens its life and heat treatment, fumigation or using chemicals cause very high costs. Repaired or damaged pallets have quarantine, rejection or worse risks in custom entry and clearance. By the countries started the health procedures and standards, heat-processed wood gets more expensive and that has negative effects on pallets inspection prices.

International Legislation

USA government and European Union declared applicable mutual legislation in 2015 for following wooden pallets. Exporters of these countries have to obey International Standards and take ‘Plant Health Precaution’ prepared for avoding entry of the harmful that stranger to the natural environment.

Wooden pallets in 80x120cm dimensions are app. 18kg and big pallets are more than 30kg. The clients and sellers are at the center of allegations on account of the fact that they load much charge to the wooden pallets. Also, the cost of disposal wooden pallets is very high. This cost is 75 $/ton and

Gps Corrugated Cardboard Pallets

Every year 500 million pieces wooden pallets are manufactured worldwide. Between 2003 and 2016, World Pallet Industry realized 100 billion dollar, 5,9 billion pieces pallet shipping. We stop the old Wood Pallet Age in transportation World and introduce you NEW GENERATION GPS PALLETS. Our purpose is discarding redundant wooden pallets causes environmental damage and increases

Human Health Risks

Since there are nails and splinters on the wood pallets, thousands of daily injury incidents occur  and many wood pallet processors injure theirselves while disassembly and disposal. Every year, a lot of companies face many requests of madical-aid  and compensation. Chemical processed wooden pallets end in expensive lawsuits, insurance claims and controls by Ministry of

Approximately 200 million trees are made wooden pallets one by one every year. Rich fuel and carbon pollution in heavy industry and carbon-dioxide emission that occurs because of rarity of trees and fossil usage, became a serious problem worldwide. The waste wooden pallets decay as a trash, have fire-risk and threaten our health by pollutinf